Summary: The NKI/Rockland Sample is intended to be a phenotypically rich neuroimaging sample, consisting of data obtained from individuals between the ages of 4 and 85 year-old. All individuals to be included in the sample undergo semi-structured diagnostic psychiatric interviews, and complete a battery of psychiatric, cognitive and behavioral assessments in order to provide comprehensive phenotypic information for the purpose of exploring brain/behavior relationships.

The primary goal of the NKI/Rockland sample is to generate a large scale, extensively phenotyped dataset for the purpose of discovery science. Central to the success of discovery science, is the widespread involvement of the scientific community. To facilitate this process, data from the NKI/Rockland sample will be given away prospectively, during the course of acquisition (randomized 2-8 week lag).

We anticipate distributing the following data for 5-10 individuals / week:

* Adapted from Brain Genomics Superstruct Project common acquisition protocol, provided courtesy of Randy Buckner.

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Given that the data is being prospectively shared, data-acquisition will be subject to the typical challenges faced by an imaging facility (e.g., data losses, equipment failures, etc.). We will actively update users with information about any such obstacles if and when they arise. Data usage is at the discretion of the receiving party. Any individual piece of imaging data failing to meet our quality control standards will be marked as such, though still released to ensure the completeness and availability of the larger body of the data acquired for each individual.

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Funding for key personnel provided in part by the New York State Office of Mental Health and Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene. Additional project support provided by the NKI Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI), the Brain Research Foundation (Chicago, IL), the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and NIH grant P50 MH086385-S1.


Virtual Machine (VM) Release Table

VM.000.006 As of Nov. 19 2010 we switched to an incremental download schema. This VM does not contain any data. Please refer to these instructions on how to add the data provided below to this VM and on how to add the datasets that are added each week from there on.

Data Release Table

For use with Virtual Machine
For use with Virtual Machine
Dicom or Nifti - Phenotypic Data - No XNAT
Weeks 1-5
includes NKI.001-005
006 NKI.archive.1-5.007.DICOM NKI.archive.1-5.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.1-5.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.1-5.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 6-10
includes NKI.006-010
006 NKI.archive.6-10.007.DICOM NKI.archive.6-10.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.6-10.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.6-10.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 11-15
includes NKI.011-015
006 NKI.archive.11-15.007.DICOM NKI.archive.11-15.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.11-15.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.11-15.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 16-20
includes NKI.016-020
006 NKI.archive.16-20.007.DICOM NKI.archive.16-20.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.16-20.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.16-20.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 21-25
includes NKI.021-025
006 NKI.archive.21-25.007.DICOM NKI.archive.21-25.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.21-25.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.21-25.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 26-30
includes NKI.026-030
006 NKI.archive.26-30.007.DICOM NKI.archive.26-30.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.26-30.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.26-30.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 31-35
includes NKI.031-035
006 NKI.archive.31-35.007.DICOM NKI.archive.31-35.007.NIFTI NKI.archive.31-35.007.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.31-35.007.LiteNIFTI
Weeks 36-39
includes NKI.036-039
006 NKI.archive.36-39.001.DICOM NKI.archive.36-39.001.NIFTI NKI.archive.36-39.001.LiteDICOM NKI.archive.36-39.001.LiteNIFTI
Combined Clinical Information (CSV format)
Current Release Notes The DKEFSfix release includes only the 36 subjects whose DKEFS scores had to be updated (see news item). All other releases have been updated to reflect these changes.
Please refer to these instructions on how to update your locally stored datasets with new release sets
Total Number of Datasets:
Next Release Date: Completed as of August 15, 2011

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